DSP ISP is dedicated to providing you with the industry’s best and most innovative services for your business use. We provide converged communication services that include wide range of internet broadband and enterprise solutions that give you the choice to personalize your business needs in anyway and anywhere you want through different types of media access.

DSP Dedicated Internet

Business-Ready Internet and connectivity solutions

We’re ready to drive your company’s growth

Dedicated Internet Services

Your business relies on the Internet to interact with customers, suppliers, employees and smoothly run every aspect of your operations. You can rely on DSP ISP for reliable, flexible and scalable Internet services to support those needs.


  • High speed Internet Connectivity
  • Multiple connectivity technologies including Fiber, Microwave and WiMAX.

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) that guarantee uptime.
  • Share or dedicated internet 1:1 , 1:2, and 1:4.


We offers you the option to connect multiple business sites together, both nationally and internationally through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


  • Provide point-to-point connectivity, giving the ability to communicate and exchange information between locations
  • Dedicated or shared bandwidth
  • Reliable, and secure connections
  • Easy scalability for future growth