Systems integration makes things simpler by boosting efficiency and delivering increased value for our clients and their customers.
DSP uses a powerful software platform that handles the control and management of all the components within the integrated system. This platform has an open and flexible architecture for integrating new IP systems with industry-standard systems.

The platform is infinitely scalable and can be used to control systems such as IP Telephony, IP TV, Access control systems, Fire alarm system, IP CCTV, and many more

Integration Platform 3D Max

The integration between all the fire panels scatters over the campus and CCTV Cameras.
The integration and interfacing of systems make it exceptionally comfortable and safe. Unifying a variety of mechanical and electrical systems into one larger control system requires either a campus facilities staff with an extremely broad knowledge base or the help of a trusted and experienced systems integrator.

In either case, it no longer makes sense to have separate monitoring environments and separate teams of people managing both security and building automation functionality and alarms.

Providing security involves more than the best choice of products and features. Learn how security systems such
as access control, intrusion detection, and digital video surveillance can be integrated into a building automation system