Cloud and Hosting Services from DSP

What are cloud and hosting services? It’s pretty simple, really. Instead of buying and managing your own hardware, software and servers, you put DSP to work for you. It allows you to cut costs, collaborate easily and simplify your business’ IT needs. What can cloud and hosting services do for you? Basically everything.

Main Services

We Have Our Services To Suit Your Business Needs

Business Applications

Because the business apps are based in the cloud, you’ll have no software to buy or maintain and no troubleshooting to worry about. Best of all, every employee will have access, which means instant, seamless, simple collaboration. Plus, with Cloud and Hosting Services, you’ll get online backup, website design tools and hosting, and remote support whenever you need it.

Cloud Compute

With our cloud computing services, you’ll be able to put your business databases and business applications in the cloud for better productivity and optimal cost savings. This means you’ll have access to your databases, apps and files through virtually any Internet connection, allowing you and your employees to access and store information across multiple locations.

Microsoft Office 365

With Microsoft® Office 365, you’ll get the essential tools your business needs to get work done quickly and efficiently. Employees will be able to communicate across multiple channels like email, shared calendars, real-time instant messaging and even video conferencing through services like Microsoft® Skype® for Business and Exchange. You’ll be able to update and share files and folders in real time from virtually anywhere, on any device using Microsoft®Office 365 with fully installed versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive — providing you with the tools you need to get the job done, no matter where you are.


Colocation simply means storing your physical servers elsewhere, away from your business’ location. If things like data security and compliance are important to your business, DSP colocation services are worth taking advantage of.